Terms and Conditions



Deposit is 25% of full payment and this is non refundable.

Full payment must be made 3 weeks before event date.

Bookings less than 3 week before event date will require full payment at time of booking.


If booking is cancelled less than 21 days before event date we will refund 50% of the full payment.

If booking is cancelled over 21 days than before event date we will keep the 25% non refundable deposit and refund the balance.

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Enitan Photography was founded on one belief which is… life is too short not to capture the moments that make it. From the moment our first breath is taken, there lays the foundation of a lifetime of Treasurable memories that are celebrated with the ones we hold dear and our aim is to capture these memories through our lenses.

We make your event the absolute centre of our focus and we aim to produce a photographic diary describing the emotions, love and joy felt on that special day. We cover weddings, birthdays, celebrations based in the midlands and across the rest of England.